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  • corvettesam

    Our charity page is missing a$10,000.00 donation to Created for caring in 2005 and all the money we split with Old Town Saginaw who was the 501C 3 recipient of our efforts on the first three shows at least. 2008, 09, and 2010. We worked on behalf of them and received money for other charities but they were the charity we worked for.

  • corvettesam

    Donation By Laws
    Article 14 Section 3.

    1- The Donation Committe will be appointed by the President at the March meeting.
    2 – The members of the committee shall have no association with any of the charities or non profit organizations.
    3 – Once appointed the committee shall decide it’s meeting schedule.
    4- Decisions on how to handle Charitable Donation Requests Forms, voting procedures etc. Shall rest with the committee.
    5 – The Committee shall be informed of the total amount of monies to be donated by the President And the Treasurer.
    6 – Donations shall be made in amounts of no less than $100.00 and no more than $500.00.
    7 – I there are funds (not designated as charity monies) remaining in the Treasury from the Previous year the Committee may put forth an additional request for additional funds from the general membership.
    8 – The Committee shall present their final nominations and amounts for charitable donations for a vote by the membership at the MAY general membership meeting. If the committee feels the need for additional monies, the request can also be made at the MAY meeting.
    9 – If the Committee feels it is necessary to take more time beyond the MAY general membership meeting, it may make that request at the MAY meeting.
    Adopted February 13, 2006. Revisions 2007.

  • abcinadr

    Since RPI Designs is our club sponsor, do we get any discount on the products we might purchase from them? If yes, how do we obtain a discount on a purchase?

    Tony Cinadr