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  • Mark Parker

    I need to know who is going to participate in Fridays cruise/car show at the Shields Comfort Care. If you are not 100% solid on your participation, please do not say you are going to try to make it and then not show up. Why am I sending this message? Here is the email I received today from the lady I was communicating with for the cruise/car show scheduled for this past Tuesday. She’s upset and I don’t blame her. I’m upset and embarrassed.

    Good morning Mark;
    I am not sure where to start this email. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Yesterday we were scheduled on your calendar and through confirmation of email, that you would be here in Chesaning for a car show on July 17th from 3-7 pm. I had food vendors here, we had the public show up and friends and family of our residents here wanting to see the car show, and no one came. Please give me an explanation of what went wrong. If you had even contacted me and let me know in advance that you were not coming, I would have made arrangements to have some other people bring some cars in so that we at least had something. I know that you are scheduled to be in Shields at our sister community on Friday, the 20th, and I truly hope that you are showing up for that one. A lot of time, money and energy was spent on planning the day, advertising and making sure that we were prepared only for us to be let down.

    I hope to hear from you and have some sort of apology from your club.